Food Waste Equipment

food-wasteFood waste represents around 40% of commercial catering waste. Of this, essentially 77% is liquid.

Ecowaste offers two ranges of food waste equipment that will turn food waste into grey water to be disposed of through existing mains sewage systems.

This is truly a ‘Zero to Landfill’ opportunity with all food waste and water used in the process recycled.

The Waste 2 0 machine will convert all soft food waste into waste water that is sent safely straight to the drain using existing services. This removes the requirement to store food waste.

Our Waste Station grinds the food waste into fine particles which feed directly into the built-in dewatering system. Through centrifugal action, the Waste Station forces out the excess liquid from the macerated waste. ‘Grey water’ is fed directly to the drain and the resulting solid fraction of food waste is collected in small easily managed lidded bins, ready for onward processing.

Both pieces of equipment reduce the requirement to store food waste, reduce odour and vermin problems and reduce what goes to landfill. Less food waste to transport takes trucks off the road. Cutting out food waste collections saves significant sums of money and a simpler operation reduces labour costs.

Download our food waste specification sheets

Watch the WasteStation video below:

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