Our range of balers provide ideal solutions for separating waste and reducing disposal costs.

Balers can be used for a range of waste products such as plastics, PET bottles, cardboard, polystyrene, paper etc. They reduce the frequency of collections, enable premises to be kept tidier and reduce the space occupied by wheelie bins or skips. By producing reasonable volumes of baled recyclable material such as plastic or cardboard, recyclers will pay for the waste you generate. And for smaller volumes they only make nominal collection charges.

Bale sizes and weights will vary depending on your operation. Our range of vertical balers produce bales from 75Kgs up to 650Kgs depending on the material.

Our range of horizontal balers are for companies who produce higher volumes with significantly heavier bales depending on machine specification.

See our range for more details on individual balers.

Download our baler specification sheets

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