Waste Management Equipment

Mixing waste in the same bin is no longer acceptable. This can mean more wheelie bins, more frequent collections and higher waste costs. Legislation in the UK and Europe is forcing us all to address the issue of waste. Non-compliance will mean fines and could lead to prosecution.

For whatever waste you generate, Ecowaste Solutions has a full range of equipment to help significantly reduce the number of wheelie bins you require, the frequency of collections and to turn your waste and recyclables into an income generator – or at the very least, to reduce your current waste handling costs.

Ecowaste equipment will allow you to separately present recyclables like cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, glass and food.

All our equipment is manufactured to individual requirements, meets the latest Safety Standards and CE directives and is compliant with current legislation.

Ecowaste offers all equipment with full annual servicing and nationwide breakdown service. All new equipment comes with 12 months part and labour warranty and is CE marked.

Prior to installation, Ecowaste undertake a full site survey providing full Method and Risk Assessments. Installation is undertaken by trained professionals.

Full certified training is provided to staff who will be using the equipment.

For samples of the types of equipment Ecowaste offer and more detail on the individual products see the equipment pages.

Below is a summary of the types of equipment Ecowaste provide.

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