Commercial Buildings

What if you could divert your waste from landfill, reduce your waste handling costs, reduce collections from your site, reduce your carbon footprint and even generate revenue?

We’ll show you how you can.

Typical issues:

Commercial buildings generate over 100,000 tons of waste that can be recycled each year. Types of waste that can be recycled include – Food, cardboard, paper, glass, cans, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays. Many companies have discovered the advantages of recycling.

Food waste is a particular issue, especially for those buildings that provide catering facilities or have restaurants located within the building. Hygiene is of paramount importance when dealing with food waste – avoiding spillages, smell and vermin are key prioritys when dealing with food waste.

How Ecowaste Can Help:

Recycling will reduce your waste recycling costs and reduce your business’ impact on the environment.

Ecowaste offer a free / no obligation audit of your current waste disposal methods. Once we have reviewed and evaluated your existing waste output, we recommend the most efficient and cost effective and compliant bespoke waste management solutions. We then help your business set up and implement the proposal, which will be easy to use, cost effective and increases your recycling.

For cardboard, plastics (PET) bottle and cans Envirowaste provide a wide range of balers, compactors and ‘In bin’ compactors to cater for small or large volumes of waste.

For Food waste we have two types of recycling equipment that enables food waste to be ‘digested’ at source turning food waste into grey and allowing it to be safely disposed of through existing drainage systems and returned to the water table. Both pieces of equipment are small in size, easy to install and do not require any licenses to operate them.

By recycling waste you can improve both your business sustainability and hygiene. This will impress your customers, save you money as well as the environment when you recycle.