Catering Waste

What if you could divert your waste from landfill, reduce your waste handling costs, reduce collections from your site, reduce your carbon footprint and even generate revenue?

We’ll show you how you can.

Typical Issues:

In excess of 500,000 tons of food is wasted every year in restaurants, pubs, hotels and food service outlets in the UK. This is the equivalent of over 1 billion average plates of food according to WRAP.

Organisations that are already recycling their catering waste have found that it doesn’t take any additional time, space or create extra operating issues for them.

Typically food waste is carried to bins with frequent waste collections from site to avoid odour or vermin problems. The bins are unsightly and require HGV vehicles coming to site to collect them. Food waste is then disposed of as general waste via landfill or waste to energy sites – but all of this involves frequent HGV collections.

How Ecowaste can help:

Our equipment enables recycling of more waste streams at source, on site.

Use of any of our equipment delivers a reduction in costs, an increase in recycling and a cleaner site, with more space.

Once we have reviewed and evaluated existing waste output, we recommend the most efficient, cost effective and compliant bespoke waste management solutions.

Equipment we provide

Our range of food waste equipment enables food waste to be ‘digested’ at source, turning food waste into grey water and allowing it to be disposed of through existing drainage systems with the water recycled to the water table.

All equipment provided meets existing and pending legislation.