Reducing Hotel Packaging Waste

The hotel industry is continually looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious and increase waste recycling. Issues are driven by customers, the need to reduce costs and a desire to ensure their brand conforms to current thinking. Stakeholders from suppliers to clients expect businesses to do the right thing and in a competitive market no-one can afford to lag behind. Far from it, few will now deny that a focus on reducing hotel packaging waste, increase recycling and adhering as far as possible to sound environmental principles can only be good for business both in terms of costs as well as making staff and customers feel happier.

Hotel Packaging Waste: segregation of waste is the first step towards assessing volumes, enabling a focus on waste reduction and the consideration of options for disposal. Most establishments now would naturally segregate card and paper waste. However it takes up a large amount of room in the yard and requires regular collection.

The use of compactors and/or cardboard balers can reduce the number of waste bins required and space needed. They reduce the number and costs of collections required. Glass & PET crushers can be used to deal with glass and plastic PET. It is also easier to find companies looking to re-use such waste where it is neatly baled or crushed. In reasonable volume it may be able to secure a rebate for you on your packaging waste.

Ecowaste can help with increasing your recycling, reducing your waste costs and carbon footprint. We will also provide you with ‘Press Releases’ and articles, for your hotel detailing your action and commitment to waste recycling.