Reducing Hotel Food Waste

The hotel industry, like many others, is continually looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious and increase waste recycling. Issues are driven by customers, the need to reduce costs and a desire to ensure their brand conforms to current thinking. Stakeholders from suppliers to clients expect businesses to do the right thing and in a competitive market no-one can afford to lag behind. Far from it, few will now deny that a focus on reducing hotel food waste, increase recycling and adhering as far as possible to sound environmental principles can only be good for business both in terms of costs as well as making staff and customers feel happier.

Disposing of food waste through regular bin collections is expensive and can lead to a build up of odour and attract flies and vermin. The need to keep this hidden away from guests can also mean that they are not particularly close to the waste source ie kitchens and dining rooms, making trips to the containers inconvenient especially at busy times. The need for regular collection means large unsightly and noisy lorries attending – again not something that is conducive to a peaceful and beautiful setting for guests.

One option for reducing hotel food waste is the use of a food waste to water machine – small enough to fit neatly into a corner of the kitchen – quiet and unobtrusive it digests most food waste to such an extent that what is left is turned into grey water and is disposed of in the normal drains.

The use of the W2Water requires no trips to the waste yard, nor collection by lorries. This is a true ‘Zero to landfill option.’

Ecowaste can help with increasing your recycling, reducing your waste costs and carbon footprint. We will also provide you with ‘Press Releases’ and articles, for your hotel detailing your action and commitment to waste recycling.