About Us

Ecowaste supply Waste Recycling Equipment. Our equipment will recycle food waste, cardboard, polystyrene, general waste, plastic PET, glass, wood and metal. Our equipment range includes balers, compactors, crushers and food waste recycling machinery.

Ecowaste provides innovative, cost effective, tailored waste management solutions across the UK for multiple sectors and clients of all sizes. Ecowaste solutions enable them to reduce waste costs, the amount of waste sent to landfill, waste collection frequency and their carbon footprint.

Less than 1% of waste generated in Sweden goes to landfill. Landfill availability is ever reducing. Taxes on volumes sent to landfill will continue to increase. Correctly recycled waste reduces the amount sent to landfill and leads to a reduction in waste handling costs.

Ecowaste solutions are always flexible, and compliant with current and pending legislation and regulations, which affect the way recyclable materials need to be handled. All equipment is built to individual client specification.

Ecowaste offer to undertake a comprehensive free-of-charge review of existing methods and operations for dealing with waste output. We then recommend solutions for cost effective and compliant waste management and where appropriate, recommend and supply equipment to increase the amount of waste recycled, allowing financial and environmental targets to be achieved. All our equipment is manufactured in the UK to specific individual client requirements.

For all equipment supplied a full pre-installation survey is undertaken. Full method and risk assessments are provided coupled with full, certified training of staff who will be using the equipment.

We pride ourselves on understanding how each of our clients work and the pressures, objectives and targets of their business, so that we can genuinely add value and expertise.

We offer excellent levels of customer service and the advice we offer will enable significant savings to be made on waste costs.